If you have been injured while on vacation at a Florida  amusement park, such as Busch Gardens, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM), Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Wannado City, Discovery Cove, King Richards,  or Boomers, you should hire an experienced Florida injury law firm.

Because there are so many recreational park visitors, it is more likely than not that an individual, or their small child will be seriously injured while attending amusement parks each day in this state. This is in part due to the competition by each park to have the ultimate thrill ride, or latest thrill concept to attract people and get the most money for tickets. As a result, profits can often become more important than people.

When consumers are sometimes injured, you need a law firm who has handled claims against these theme park corporations because they vigorously defend each and every case.  Our theme park accident lawyers understand the dynamics of a theme park case. In the news we often see and hear about dozens of roller coaster victims being injured due to rides stopping too fast, of from seat restraint failures during the exciting thrill rides.

Other injuries are caused by slip/trip and fall hazards involving spilled drinks and food, rain, uneven surfaces, and other walking hazards.  These theme parks are so big that they are not inspected as frequently as they should be to clean up these hazardous conditions.

Hundreds of people are sent to the hospital with back, neck and head injuries every year from waterpark and theme park mishaps in general. Some patients spend significant time in the hospital; while others are treated and released to home care. Some of the people admitted to hospital suffer wrongful death as a result of these accidents.

When you or your loved ones need Florida Amusement Park Accident Attorneys for injuries at water parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, or Sea World, retain injury lawyers to answer important and see if you have an injury claim or not, and see who the potential defendants are or are not. Determining fault is a major factor. You may have assumed the risk of injury by purchasing a ticket.

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