Dog bites usually result in cuts and lacerations, abrasions, crushing wounds, degloving, punctures, broken bones, crushed eye sockets, crushed skulls and even serious brain injuries.

These types of wounds often result in permanent scars. Among the areas of the face targeted include the lips, nose, chin, and cheeks. As dog ownership increases, so do the number of dog attacks. Most owners are unaware of how to properly care for larger and more aggressive breeds of dogs and many do not want to know. Several owners keep larger breeds for the “gangster” stigma attached to breed and keep them as a status symbol.

Most of the bite incidents involve pets and occur in places where folks have gathered socially. Generally, the attack occurs close to the dog’s home or where the victim lives. Most often, the victim is bitten by a “friendly” dog known to him or her. No one can accurately predict what provokes a friendly dog to attack. Sometimes, the dog is in pain, sick, panicked, threatened, frightened, or any number of other factors. Small children will be the ones to unknowingly provoke a dog to attack. That is why parents and dog owners should never leave children unattended around dogs of any breed or size.

In Florida, a dog owner is strictly liable when his or her dog bites another person in an animal attack. Our experienced dog bite attorneys know all about Florida animal attack laws and insurance policies involving dog bites. Our lawyers will help you determine the amount of your money damages claims and how to recover them in a timely fashion. This may include damages for future care if you suffered permanent injuries to your body or mind. Let us help you determine what insurance coverage are available before you simply give up on your dog attack case.

Our staff will assist you in finding a doctor, and help you get a doctor to without up-front payments if you cannot afford the best medical care for your small child injured by a dog bite wound. We can also help locate a psychiatrist to help with the emotional difficulties of the attack by a dangerous animal.

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