At 411 Justice, our injury attorneys pride ourselves on our track record of success with slip and fall cases. Our attorneys have represented thousands of slip and fall victims and litigated several hundred slip and fall accident cases in court. We dedicate our resources and staff to every slip and fall case whether it involves a minor injury or a severe injury.

Here is the typical scenario of a slip and fall case:

  • The client went to the ER already and has a significant hospital bill
  • The client does not have health insurance
  • Without health insurance, there is no way to get proper follow-up medical care
  • The client cannot work because of the injury and has no income

Our accident attorneys understand all of the issues surrounding a slip or trip and fall case. We are dedicated to getting you the proper care and treatment, getting your bills paid, and getting you back to work after your accident. In the meantime, our attorneys can assist you with getting an advance of your potential settlement to help pay the bills.

With just the initial call to our office, our accident attorneys will find a medical doctor who is conveniently located for you, can see you immediately, and has convenient hours to fit your schedule, will not require health insurance or payment up front, that is certified and well-respected in their field.

Once you hire our law firm, we will build your case.  We do this quickly so that we can provide a monetary evaluation of your case as soon as possible.  This is important because if you require a cash advance on your settlement, the cash advance company will need to know our evaluation of the case first.  They will need to know your chances of success.  If they are not confident that you will win, they will not advance any money.  When we present the case on your behalf to the cash advance company, we are confident that the company will see it our way and assist our client with a cash advance so that their bills can be paid while the case is ongoing.

As soon as our firm gets involved, we need to know exactly where you fell. Our attorneys will have an investigator go to the area of the accident and immediately take photographs, video, and measurements if needed to preserve the area just in case it changes later. We also ask that you preserve the clothing and shoes that you wore during the fall. We ask that you do not wash anything! Keep the clothing and shoes in the exact same condition so we can photograph them, allow our experts to analyze them, and preserve them for inspection by the insurance company at a future date.

Our attorneys will put the owner of the property on notice of the incident and then let the insurance company know we represent you. With over a thousand previous slip and fall clients, we have a large database of locations which insurance company represents which properties. This helps us expedite the claims reporting process. More importantly, it allows our injury lawyers to demand one very important thing from the insurance company: immediate money to pay for your medical bills!

Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients for a slip and fall accidents from every major grocery store, pharmacy, hotel, restaurant, theme park, mall, and department store in Florida, including: Publix, Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Macy’s Bloomingdales, Town Center Mall, Sawgrass Mall, Pompano Mall, Boynton Beach Mall, PGA Mall, Palm Beach Lakes Mall, Wellington Mall, Coral Square Mall, Plantation Mall, Fashion Mall, Bal Harbour, Aventura Mall, Sears, Dillard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom’s, CVS, Walgreens, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pollo Tropical, KFC, Hilton, Diplomat, Comfort Inn, Red Roof Inn, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Boomer’s, Dave & Buster’s, and more.

If you slipped on water at a grocery store, tripped on a crack in a sidewalk, stepped in a hole in a parking lot, tripped over a hanger at a department store – we can help. Even if you simply bruised your leg – our accident lawyers can help.

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If you were involved in a slip and fall or trip and fall, call the slip and fall injury lawyers who have the insight, experience, and resources to get you the top dollar for your case.

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